Catastrophic Inmate Medical

us-health-care-costsThe Catastrophic Inmate Medical Insurance program is supported by the NCSA and administered by Hunt Insurance Group, LLC. The program is designed to address the skyrocketing healthcare costs combined with governmental responsibility to pay for inmate medical care. The Catastrophic Inmate Medical Insurance can be tailored to each individual jail’s needs allowing for more accurate budgeting by insuring the catastrophic inmate medical expenses. The coverage can be purchased separately or used in conjunction with other healthcare cost control services.

Coverage Benefits:

  • Off-site Inpatient Hospital Medical Care up to an Average Daily Maximum
  • Out-patient surgery
  • No pre-existing condition exclusions
  • Most ‘prior to booking’ claims covered
  • Deductible as low as $10,000 per inmate/per year
  • Limits of coverage from $250,000 per inmate
  • Preferred rates when a medical network is in place

For more information on the Catastrophic Inmate Medical Insurance program contact Jason Bennett, Director of Business Development.

CIMI Brochures

NCSA – CIMI 2015 Fact Sheet and Application Fillable
NCSA – CIMI Marketing Packet – 4.2015 Fillable
NCSA – CIMI Trifold Brochure 2015

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