Administrative Assistant – Government Relations & Legal

Job Description and Responsibilities

The Administrative Assistant – Government Relations & Legal is responsible for providing administrative support to the Association’s Executive Vice President and General Counsel and to the Association’s legal staff. This is accomplished by offering a detailed approach to project management, creating documents and written communications, performing clerical functions, event planning, and managing and distributing information to staff and sheriff’s offices.

Essential duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Email and Correspondence
    • Transcribes and sends emails, letters, and memos for EVP and Association’s legal staff
    • Drafts letters, emails, memos, and other documents per EVP and Association’s legal staff requests
    • Prepares correspondence to Council of State and government officials regarding attendance and speeches at Annual Training Conference, Spring Meeting, and Fall Meeting
    • Emails or mails Legislative Committee meeting minutes and all Membership meeting minutes to Association or Committee members
  • Media Calls
    • All media calls are routed to AA – EVP and AA – Government Relations & Legal
    • Makes sure caller’s information is in ACT
    • Asks caller for name, media organization, preferred telephone number, topic of story and deadline
    • Pages and emails EVP
  • Project Management
    • Prepares, mails, and processes memo and ballots for Sheriffs’ Education and Training Standards Commission and notifies the Commission of results annually
    • Reviews and updates the Boards/Commissions Notebook
    • Sends official memorandum to sheriffs requesting their interest in serving on specific committees following election and organizes chart and list of committee selections annually to distribute to all sheriffs
    • Transcribes position papers
    • Updates Smart Bill Tracker database
    • Monitors JPS Reporting Requirements and prints reports on a monthly basis for EVP
    • Schedules meetings on behalf of EVP and the Association’s legal staff
    • Provides administrative support to EVP and Deputy Director at Annual Training Conference, Spring Meeting, and Fall Meeting
    • Takes minutes and keeps time at Annual Training Conference, Spring meeting, and Fall meeting
    • Coordinates Council of State and government officials’ attendance and speaking times at Annual Training Conference, Spring Meeting, and Fall Meeting
    • Coordinates and monitors a project management system for the legal staff
    • Organizes and maintains legal files in hard copy and electronic formats
    • Prepares reports, training materials, and publications for legal staff
    • Proofreads and redlines various legal documents for Association’s legal staff
  • Reporting
    • Transcribes, compiles, and disseminates Weekly Legislative Report and Final Legislative Report
    • Prepares, notarizes, and files EVP’s Lobbyist reports and the Principal’s reports quarterly; prepares Lobbyist authorization and registration forms annually
    • Prepares EVP’s Statement of Economic Interest annually
    • Ensures the completion of minutes for the Legislative Day Meeting, as well as the Legislative Committee Meetings by editing and adding attachments
    • Ensures the completion of minutes for Annual Training Conference, Spring meeting, and Fall meeting by editing and adding attachments
  • Event Planning
    • Prepares notices and materials, and coordinates Legislative Committee meetings including reserving space, notebooks, catering, and set up and break down of meeting room
    • Maintains pending agenda items folders for Legislative Committee meetings
    • Coordinates Legislative Day and Retired Sheriffs’ Luncheon including preparation of packets, agenda, speakers, catering, transportation, and site reservations
    • Coordinates GHSP Legislative Training programs including preparation of training materials, agenda, speakers, site setup, and catering
    • Works any NCSA meeting and conference as requested
    • Assists with staff meetings and other staff functions (birthdays, new employee welcomes, luncheons, notices, etc.)
  • Miscellaneous
    • Serves as backup to Executive Assistant – EVP in regards to management of EVP’s email, daily voicemail greeting, email out of office message, and prepares daily packet for EVP in absence of EA – EVP
    • Prepares new sheriff welcome packets and retired sheriff packets
    • Prepares picture IDs for new and retired sheriffs
    • Prepares weekly NC Lawyers Weekly publications for EVP
    • Serves as backup to AA –SMCP – Criminal Justice Programs regarding preparation and sending of funeral notices
    • Serves as backup to receptionist as needed (phone, mail)
    • Assists co-workers as necessary and performs any additional duties as assigned
    • Maintains Notary Public certification

Education Requirement: 4-year college degree or equivalent experience

Required Skills:

  • Minimum three to five years legal or paralegal administrative assistant experience required
  • Legal assistant or paralegal experience required
  • Demonstrated collaborative skills and ability to work well within a team
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently and solve problems
  • Strong organization and interpersonal skills
  • Outstanding oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Knowledge of modern office practices and procedures
  • Ability to adhere to our Association’s professional standards and core values
  • Ability to perform other related duties as assigned

Supplemental Information:

The work is typically preformed in an office while sitting, standing, or stooping. The employee occasionally lifts light and heavy objects, weighing up to 20 pounds.

If you are interested in applying for the position, please submit your resume to

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