First Responder Supplies and Equipment Procurement Program

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The goal of the NCSA’s First Responder Supplies and Equipment Procurement Program, is a cooperative bid program that achieves competitive pricing on equipment that county and city government agencies purchase, including but not limited to weapons, ammunition, body armor, EMS supplies, and related supplies and equipment. The Association’s program helps to eliminate duplication of effort through the creation of one statewide bid that can be used by all counties and municipalities throughout the United States. Our role is to act as an advocate for your agency during the purchasing process and to provide you with a program that delivers great financial savings along with quality customer service, while using a system that is easy to navigate.

If you have any questions about the Association’s First Responder Supplies and Equipment Procurement Program please contact Jason Bennett, Director of Business Development, at 919-459-8195 or

For an opinion from the UNC School of Government on the legality of the Association’s procurement programs, please click here.

Purchasing agencies: please don’t forget to submit a copy of your purchase orders to Anna Martin at

For supporting documents including all bid awards for each of our bids, please click on the links below.

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