The NCSA provides a number of services and programs which assist the sheriffs of North Carolina and their personnel in the carrying out of their duties.

Cooperative Purchasing Programs

The goal of the NCSA’s Cooperative Purchasing Programs is to achieve more competitive pricing on a variety of heavy equipment and vehicles, and services including: Administrative Vehicles, Vans, Trucks, Sport Utility Vehicles, Police Rated Vehicles, Refuse Trucks, Tires and Related Services, and Vehicle Equipment and Upfitting. The programs help eliminate duplication of effort by your offices through the creation of one statewide bid that can be used by all 100 sheriff’s offices and all local government agencies in North Carolina.

Statewide Misdemeanant Confinement Program

The North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association (NCSA) provides a critical role in a program designed to reduce state prison costs and use existing county jail beds to house certain misdemeanants.

Courthouse Security Program
Courthouse Security Assessment

The NCSA’s Courthouse Security Assessment helps sheriffs and sheriff’s personnel prioritize and assess the interior and exterior, building, grounds and the emergency plans of the courthouse for effective security measures.

Greene Co deputys badge wiith mourning band
Traumatic Incident Response

The mission of the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association’s Traumatic Incident Response Program is to provide assistance and resources following traumatic incidents involving sheriffs and deputies. Traumatic incidents are defined as events that cause powerful emotional reactions in people who are exposed to those events.

Statewide Disaster Assistance Network

The mission of the NCSA Statewide Disaster Assistance Network is to collect and relay resource information between the sheriffs during times of disaster.

Inmate Medical Costs Management Plan

The North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association (NCSA) is proud to offer the sheriffs of North Carolina the Inmate Medical Costs Management Plan. This very helpful and cost saving initiative provides all participating North Carolina counties a way to save valuable taxpayer dollars on off-site inmate medical bills.

Catastrophic Inmate Medical Insurance Plan

The Catastrophic Inmate Medical Insurance plan is supported by the NCSA and administered by Hunt Insurance Group, LLC. The program is designed to address the skyrocketing healthcare costs combined with governmental responsility to pay for inmate medical care.

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