photo (8)The NCSA provides a variety of training to sheriffs and sheriffs’ personnel all designed to help in the fight against crime and to increase the safety of the citizens of North Carolina.

Statewide Misdemeanant Confinement Program Training

The North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association conducts annual training on the Statewide Misdemeanant Confinement Program (SMCP). The annual training provides information to sheriffs’ office personnel on processing inmates into the program, out-of-jail medical care, reimbursement policies, and other related legal and procedural information. Sheriffs’ offices desiring to participate or continue participating as a “receiving” county in the program for the upcoming calendar year must send at least one representative to one of the annual training classes. Sheriffs may also invite judges, the Clerk of Court, and other court personnel to this training.

North Carolina Firearms Laws Training

The North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association conducts full-day training sessions devoted to federal and state firearms laws and how they apply to the sheriff’s responsibilities for the issuance of both pistol purchase and concealed handgun carry weapons permits.

Sex Offender Registration Training

The North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association conducts training sessions focused on the sheriff’s responsibilities under North Carolina’s Sex Offender and Public Protection Registration Program. This training session covers not only the laws applicable to the sex offender registry but also addresses best practices used by sheriffs’ offices when carrying out their mandates under this program. The one day training session on the sheriff’s responsibilities is designed to accommodate all experience levels.

NCSA Legislative Update Training

The North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association provides legislative update training sessions for sheriffs, sheriffs’ personnel and personnel from all other law enforcement agencies from across the state. These annual training classes provide attendees with information on the most recent changes in legislation and their enforcement.

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