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Fighting Increase in Fraud and ID Theft

As the Baby Boom generation continues to add to the ranks of retirees in your area and all across our state, North Carolina sheriffs are urging our senior population to remain vigilant against scammers who are targeting everything from retirement funds and bank accounts to homeowners with household repair needs.

To combat this growing crime, in 2013 the North Carolina General Assembly unanimously passed Senate Bill 140: “Financial Exploitation of Older Adults” and Governor Pat McCrory signed it into law, a bill aimed at protecting older adults from fraud and identity theft.  This legislation is designed to “increase the recognition, reporting, and prosecution of those who would defraud or financially exploit disabled or older adults and to continue the Task Force on Fraud Against Older Adults.”

According to the Federal Trade Commission, North Carolina ranks 28th in the nation for the total number of identity theft complaints, and 26th for fraud complaints. In addition, people over 50 account for almost one-half of all consumer fraud complaints, and more than a third of all identity theft complaints.

On the national level, Congress recently took a step to curb Medicare fraud when it passed legislation that would require the removal of Social Security numbers from Medicare cards.  Within four years, Medicare officials will begin issuing cards with new identification numbers that will be randomly generated.  They have four more years to reissue cards held by current beneficiaries.

Please contact your local Sheriffs’ Office if you have any questions about identity theft and the role of our sheriffs in fighting this crime.

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